Best Sailing Lessons Guatemala Near Me

1. Maximo Nivel - Antigua Guatemala

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Maximo Nivel
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Address: 6a Avenida Norte #16, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +502 7932 1500

Business type: Learning center

Maximo Nivel: what do users think?
Connor Perkins: very good
Angie Deoleo: I had an amazing time in Antigua with Maximo Nivel. My accommodation was super comfortable and my host mom was very sweet. Maximo is very understanding about any circumstances so switching programs or housing is easy. The staff is also super nice and welcoming and available to help us whenever we needed it. They put in a lot of effort to get to know the volunteers and the students to make sure we enjoy our time in Guatemala.
Beth Hartman: My boyfriend and I had a lovely time at Maximo Nivel in the Spanish Immersion program. We both learned a TON in the 2 weeks we were here. Would highly recommend, especially for those on a budget!
Sophie Cash: I felt I didn’t quite get a good bang for my buck here. It’s one of the largest Spanish schools in Guatemala, and it does feel like a big company instead of a smaller locally owned and personal experience. The included activities were only ok (salsa class was taught in English, the cooking class was just basic nachos), and I wanted to work a little harder in my classes. Also I decided not to do a homestay because the other students I talked to who were in them already said they felt a little more like a local hostel - not a ton of interaction with the families and speaking English with the other students living in the house. For what it was, though, it was a pleasant experience — very nice staff, a fun included salsa class, a nice garden to work in and terrace to have class on, and free coffee and tea (though oddly no free filtered water). And they were accommodating with needing to end a day early for my flight.Many students were doing medical or other volunteering in addition to classes, so if that’s what you’re looking for, Maximo could be a good place for you.There are tons of smaller more local Spanish schools in Antigua that your hotel or hostel can help you find (or just walk around on the street), or I would recommend doing one on Lago Atitlan (I had an amazing experience with San Marcos Spanish School, also has schools in San Juan and San Pedro)!
Janna Moles: Hola compadres in ESOL y lingua segunda! Maximo Nivel is a great school to expand your education and professional horizons. I invite you to experience one of the oldest cities in Central America and to learn/improve your Spanish.I enjoyed learning with 2 talented teachers. Francisco focused on my professional life and Katy focused on basics in a group setting. I am happy that I had both experiences. The administration took care of the clients with modest integrity and flexibility. I intend to return to Antigua and Maximo Nivel summer of 2024 to expand on my next level. Hoping to see you here in Guatemala!!!
Jenna Forcellese: I had an awesome experience with Máximo Nivel. The program was super helpful with our planning for the entire week. The workers were available whenever we needed them and made us feel very welcomed. I definitely recommend the experience!
Tijn Smeink: Did the volunteer and spanish immersion programs at Maximo Nivel Guatemala. I did really enjoy the program especially because you can combine the spanish in to the project. The people at Maximo are amazing and really helpful trough your time abroad.
Enrique Anguiano Chávez: Great enriching expirience. Both personally and professionally!
aze 123: Definitely an amazing experience. I was able to immerse in the culture and explore more about Guatemala surroundings.
Lee Butler: Great school. Alvaro is a total legend, learned a heap
Mel Baroni: Very professional Spanish school. Our teacher, Alvaro, was excellent and very engaging. Made us feel very comfortable. Highly recommend
Merel Boon: Great experience!!!
Per-Kristian Gundrosen: Good teachers, good service and good localisation. The buildings are very nice with a little garden inside. They also have activities every day which is good.
Alex Miller: I participated in the eco agriculture volunteer program and had an excellent time! I was able to be hands on volunteering and go on excursions in my free time. I would recommend to anyone able to participate!
CALI FORLENZA: I have travelled a lot in my life but volunteering with maximo nivel in guatemala was one of the most experiences i’ve ever had. the staff and drivers went above and beyond to make everyone have a good time and the places we volunteered created such humbling and meaningful expiernces.
Steven Garcia: Such a great program. Everyone is extremely kind and Jorge is an amazing leader. They offer classes and activities to do after volunteering which are a lot of fun. The volunteering was amazing
Tina Vo: Went for a medical campaign in Antigua and had a great time! Jorge was so kind and the experience was amazing and so impactful. Drivers were also super kind. It was a joy to work with the Maximo staff and will definitely come back again!
Cameron: Had an amazing experience volunteering! Would recommend it for everyone!
Bianca Augusto: I was apart of the medical campaign and it exceeded all expectations! Jorge provided an authentic Guatemalan experience and took us to a variety of communities. I learned a lot and grew professionally and personally
Sophie Bergsten: Just finished a week long medical campaign in Antigua. It was the most amazing rewarding program for my group and I! I recommend any of their programs to anyone interested.
Ali Pallani: It was a wonderful experience working along with the faculty and staff during my week in Guatemala.

2. La Union Spanish School - Antigua Guatemala

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La Union Spanish School
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Address: 7a calle poniente # 17, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +502 4218 4668

Business type: Language school

La Union Spanish School: what do users think?
Gabriel Estuardo Molina Minera: EXCELLENT
ペンション田代: サービス精神最高のスペイン語学校
Isabel Crist: Wonderful classes and great private instruction! My Spanish improved immensely from taking classes here.
Julie La Bastille: Premièrement, quand on arrive à l'école La Union, on se sent accueilli comme dans la famille. Qu'on soit débutant ou avancé, tout le monde est là pour apprendre et ça se fait dans le plaisir. Chaque étudiant a un professeur en individuel, ce qui leur permet de s'adapter au niveau de chacun. Nous avons toutefois demandé un seul professeur pour nos deux enfants (3 et 5 ans) pour qu'ils puissent s'amuser ensembles. J'ai eu deux professeurs durant mon séjour, soit Martha et Cesar. Les deux m'ont fait évoluer en espagnol et je me sens maintenant à l'aise de commander mon repas toute seule au restaurant. L'école organise également des activités, soit dans l'école ou à l'extérieur, comme aller à la page ou aller faire une randonnée jusqu'à Cerro de la Cruz. Nous pouvons donc étudier en avant-midi et faire une activité plus informelle avec les professeurs en après-midi pour pratiquer notre conversation. Dernière chose, nous sommes restés directement à l'école pour notre hébergement durant nos 4 jours d'étude. Nous avons apprécié être directement sur place le matin avant les cours et les déjeuners et dîners préparés par Angelica. Il y avait toutefois la possibilité d'être hébergés dans des familles aux alentours.En bref, nous avons adoré notre expérience avec La Union et nous recommandons chaudement cette école. Juan Carlos, le propriétaire, est aux petits oignons avec nous et s'assure que tout va bien.
Jeff Dumas: Une école pour apprendre l espagnol dans une bonne ambiance, avec un professeur personnel
Harriet Quin: Great school to learn Spanish. Lovely staff who are keen to help you out with whatever you need. Lessons are outside which is nice and very affordable. My only suggestion would be for them to include some free activities in the afternoons/evenings like city tour, etc as we have seen this done in other schools and it has been successful.
Aubrey Aston: lovely plase and oweder
Al Gag: . Gracias por su ayuda y confianza y voy a recordar los buenos momentos con ustedes❤(Translated by Google
Janice Thomas: I studied for one week in January with Manolo, a very well- informed, experienced and funny/crazy teacher. Also had a few days in February with Victoria, another very experienced and knowledgeable maestra who had some creative learning material. The office staff was very welcoming, friendly and helpful, too. It is just a cold building in the mornings, so needed to get out and walk around. Julio was our guide for an afternoon walking tour of Antigua. He knows his stuff! Then one day we had a tortilla making workshop and that was informative and fun and a good way to meet other students.
Andrea Thompson: My 8 year old daughter and I went to the Spanish school about 17 years ago. My daughter is now 25 years old. We Love Guatemala and have great memories of our host family, school, and Antigua. Wonderful one on one instruction with instructor. Wonderful daily activities to participate in.
Paul Verboven: I really had a good time at La Union! Miguel is a very good teacher and did so well to get me from terrible Spanish to moderate ;)
Rodrigo Vasquez: Excellent way to teach Spanish
Información La Unión: A Spanish school with more than 20 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a second language
Luisa Fernanda: great
BeingHeath: Found La Union by accident while searching for another school to study Spanish. I read the reviews and decided to make a reservation with the school as well as a home stay with a Spanish speaking family. I had no idea what to expect but was extremely impressed with the level of warmth, friendliness, and professionalism the school displayed.Day of school I met my teachers and from there on I could not have been happier with my teachers (Cony and Raul). He and she both were absolutely determined for my success and we wouldn't progress until they were sure I had a grasp of the subject in which we were studying. If you're looking for a fantastic school with great teachers, a great staff, and fantastic learning experience, then do yourself a favor and visit La Union. It's family owned and operated and that's how they treat you.
Denise Papineau: Belle organisation. Possibilitéspou
Callie Service: I did 3 weeks of classes here back in 2002. Everything about it was great! They organized a home-stay with an amazing family, the daily one-on-one instruction in the garden was tailored to my learning style, and I met some really interesting people with whom I did some trips to Lago Atitlan, Pana, and other surrounding areas.I'm looking at returning to Guate and will definitely look at attending La Union again for a refresher!

3. Mundo Spanish School - Antigua Guatemala

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Address: 1a No. 5,, C. del Chajon, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +502 7882 4255

Business type: Language school

4. Revue Magazine - Antigua Guatemala

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Revue Magazine
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Address: 4-A, Antigua Guatemala 03001, Guatemala

Schedule: Closing soon: 5:00 PM

Telephone: +502 7832 4619

Business type: Tourist information center

Revue Magazine: what do users think?
Jeff Mills: The Revue is a perfect companion for visitors to Guatemala as well as ex pats. Full of great information.
Iguana Dance: I don't know how they manage to put together such a great free magazine for tourists every month! And they rescue dogs too! These are some of the finest people we know anywhere!
Ricardo Garcia: Good place.
rob del: Renew tourist visas books for sale

5. ChocoMuseo - Antigua Guatemala

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Address: 4ta calle poniente #8 Frente al parque Central Antigua Guatemala, 03001, Guatemala

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +502 7832 9092

Business type: Museum

ChocoMuseo: what do users think?
Erick Galindo: Muy buena , se aprende del proceso de la elaboración del chocolate y puedes adquirir buen producto. Si eres amante del chocolate , debes visitar el lugar.
Alberto Torelli: Una de las dos chocolaterías de Antigua que explica todo el proceso del chocolate. Vale la pena hacerlo!
Eusebio Sorto: Es un lugar bonito para conocer los diferentes tipos de Cacao y sus derivados
Jose Briz: The workshop is a fun activity, plus you get to taste chocolate at different stages, from the cocoa bean to the paste, which might be interesting for chocolate lovers. Get a taste of the real thing!
Sharath: Nice chocolate place to try out different chocolates and buy the ones you like. We liked the 70% cocoa chocolates they had.
Reshma: Nice place to visit.. Its really a chocolate store.. Great experience
ayush kumar: That is good place
Walter Interiano: ★★★✩✩ Atención★★★✩✩ Calidad★✩✩✩✩ No ofrecen factura, al pedirla ofrecen enviarla por WhatsApp y luego no la envían.
Shakir Mohammad: Awesome place
Marudhu Pandi: Such a fun and informative chocolate making workshop! Would highly recommend, make time for this!
Amit Mukherjee: Cool place to hangout & chill
Miguel Orrego: Muy bien
Jean Jaluna: Amazing
georgia mullane: Did a class with a bunch of travellers and we got to see the process of chocolate making from picked beans to chocolate! We got to deshell beans, crush them then make some chocolates. We learnt about the history and culture along the way. Highly recommend, we did this in 2018 and I think the prices then weren't too expensive especially for such an awesome, wholesome time!
María Pikdo: Muy bien explicado el proceso del cacao
Lindsey Dougherty: Cute little museum/market. Got some chocolate to bring home and sampled the gelato.
Mathew Avalos: Bonito lugar excelente chocolate
say leon: Good chocolate. Terrible selection
Gino Ables: Bought tickets via TripAdvisor. Great workshop! The instructor was awesome and made the workshop really fun. Got to make our own chocolate bars. Also, tasted cacao tea and hot chocolate. After the class, bought gelato from the shop and we were given a discount for attending the workshop.
Rosa Hamblin: The chocolate here is amazing! The staff greets you with samples and don't have to sell you anything from there. We purchased one of each flavor! My husband called it the "espresso of chocolate" 🍫 😋
Alisa Nesterova: I loved the chocolate work shop and learned a lot about the preparation of cacao!

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